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Creating Your Course Videos!

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Do You have a course in you that you want to be able to put out in the world but you don't have the money to hire someone to record and edit the videos for you?

First, for pro videographers like myself, recording courses for someone is not cheap because it is a lot of work.

Even if you just want talking head videos, it can be a lot of work because the nature of a course is that there can be quite a few videos.

If you have a 14 part course, that could be recording and editing 14 videos.

Actual Cost of hiring a pro to create your course videos

When I was just getting started with video I had someone local reach out to me to record a course for them. Not knowing how to charge, I quoted them $2000 and they were shocked at the price and said they had $500. They wanted me to record and edit 22 videos for $500. Luckily I was smart enough to turn that down.

When I told my mentor what I had quoted them he told me I got lucky I didn't book it because that should have been a $15k quote, not $2k, because of the time shooting and editing.

Let's not spend that money if you don't have to

So let's talk about how you can create your own course, at your own pace, without spending literal thousands of dollars.

Let's talk about the 4 kinds of course videos

1) talking head videos to teach a concept
2) Presentation videos with lots of info
3) Tech tutorials
4) Live Courses (live recorded webinars or on stage)

You can have video styles that overlap.

I.E. you can teach from stage and have a presentation to go along with it. You can do a talking head video and also use screen recording tutorial mixed in if you need to.

But these videos make up All course videos.

Now let's talk about how to record each of these

1) Talking head videos.

This one is pretty straight forward and luckily I've already recorded a whole video on how to record video of yourself. I'll link that one here.

2) Presentation videos

• Two main tools you can use to make presentations are something like Keynote (mac), Powerpoint (microsoft office suite) or canva.

• Canva is super easy to use and even puts your face on the screen so it helps your attendees connect with you while you teach.

• Keynote gives you way more control but because of that it can take a lot longer to build your slides

• Both canva and keynote have a way to record your presentation.

3) Tech tutorials

• There are tools out there that record your screen and give you tools to use like OBS and Camtasia

• OBS is free software but could take a while to get set up.

• I simply use quicktime with it's built in screen recorder. It's fast and straight forward.

4) Live teaching

• Growing in popularity

• You can do this over software tools like zoom or go to webinar

• You are teaching people who have already paid for the course so it gives your first students extra attention and they can ask you questions so you get immediate feedback.

• It can feel more natural because people see that it was recorded live.

• You can build the course as you teach it instead of having to have it done to sell.

Your Course isn't set in stone

The great thing about courses is that you can always go in and update the videos so if you feel like you don't like the way your videos turn out or are afraid you forgot something, you can add it in later as your students ask for it.

If a student comes to you and says "Hey in your 3rd training video you mentioned this but I can't figure it out" then you could simply just go add another explainer video or text to that lesson to clarify.

Course videos don't HAVE to be beautiful. I mean, it doesn't hurt. But they can just be you teaching. That's what people paid for, to learn from you.

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