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Exporting Videos Using Premiere Pro 2022

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Last week we talked about how to get started with Premiere Pro.

This week we are talking about how to export your awesome videos using premiere Pro!

"But I don't have Premiere Pro Matt! This won't help me!"

When I started with video I had a mentor who gave me some great advice when it comes to creating videos.

I was trying to figure something out on my camera and I couldn't find it online anywhere and he told me to learn the language of the camera in stead of looking for specifics.

That means, you can learn how Premiere Pro works and apply that to other editors. Maybe they don't function exactly the same but there will be some similarities.

If you are using something like iMovie you won't have near as many options as premiere pro but knowing how some issues can be avoided will still help you with your workflow.

Let's Jump into Premiere Pro!

Step 1: Set your in and out points

Setting your in and out points tells editing software what section of your timeline you want to export as your video.

In the image below you can see I have 3 sections.

Section 1: the video I want to export. Above the video clips is the highlight segment. That is my set in and out point for my video.

Section 2: Those buttons set your in and out points. You can also use the "i" and "o" keys on your keyboard to set your in and out points.

Section 3: That's a stray clip that I don't want to be included in the video. If I don't set my in and out points, Premiere Pro will export a video that includes that last clip, including all of the blank space in between the clips.

in-out-points-2 jpg

Step 3: Next you need to head over to your export section.

3 ways to do this.

1. You can either go to "File> Export>media"

2. Click "Export" in the top left

3. Press Command + M on your mac or Control + M on your PC.


file-export jpg

Export in Top Left

3xport jpg

Step 4: Naming your video and telling it what folder to save in.

When you get to the export screen select media file

in the image below you can see where you name your video with the top box

If you click on the highlighted blue area you can select the folder that you want to save the video in. If you forget to change the location, it will save to the last used location.

naming-export-location jpg

Step 5: Changing Video quality

Under the section where you named your video there is a dropdown for video settings. click that dropdown.

select-video-section-to-navigate-to-bitrate-settings jpg

Scroll down to Bitrate settings.

bitrate-settings jpg

You can play around with these settings if you'd like. I use CBR with a target bitrate around 30.

Here is the rundown on what it's doing, if you care.
There are 3 options:
VBR, 1 pass
VBR, 2 pass
VBR stands for Variable BitRate
CBR stands for Constant BitRate
VBR, 1 pass allows you to set a variable target bitrate but it will fluctuate
VBR, 2 pass allows you to set the variable target bitrate and a maximum bitrate.
CBR lets you set a target bitrate but it is constant, not variable, so it doesn't fluctuate.

Step 6: Set your export Range

Since you set your in and out points in step 1, you want to make sure you select the dropdown on the "Range" section and choose "Source in/out" if it isn't already selected. Mine was set to "Entire Source" by default so it ignored my in and out points.

specify-range jpg

Step 7: Export!

Now click the blue "Export" button in the bottom right corner and your video will export!

me smug jpg

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