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The Best Way To Schedule Social Media Posts

Thursday, December 29, 2022

There are the obvious ways to post to to Social Media, right?

Simply go to the platform and add the video...easy?

Well that's not the only way and possibly not even the best way!

Years ago Facebook created the "Facebook Business Suite". However when they changed their name to Meta they changed the name to "Meta Business Suite".

Why use the Meta Business Suite vs. posting normally?

The main reason most people love it is because it can be used as a scheduling tool. Additionally, since it's built into the platform, you don't get dinged for using a 3rd party scheduling tool.

You can schedule up to 75 days away from when you create the post so you can keep your platform active without manually posting every day. 🤯

Another second reason people like using it is because it's free!

The third reason I've heard people like it is because it not only schedules posts for facebook, but it also schedules for Instagram! As you know, if you are looking for a way to schedule social media posts, instagram is hard to schedule for.

Sure there are "Schedulers" out there for instagram but they typically work by letting you create the posts and then sending you a reminder notification so you can go manually post the pre-created post.

Meta Business Suite posts it for you.

So now i'm sure you are excited to batch create all of your posts but need to know where to access it right?

One way is, it's usually on the left sidebar. Obviously, with anything tech, it can change.

1  Screen-Shot-2022-10-30-at-2 07 05-AM jpg

You can also go to

Now let's see how you schedule posts. Spoiler alert, it's pretty easy and I'll show you every step!

Step 1: Here is the homepage of Meta Business Suite

2  business-suite-homepage jpg

We are focusing on scheduling/posting so you can either click the blue "Create Post" button and it'll take you straight to the post creation process. Alternatively you can click "Planner" on the left bar and see a calendar for selecting days to publish and see scheduled posts.

Let's Click "Planner"

3  meta business suite, how to creat a post jpg

Step 2: This is what the planner page looks like. You can also change the view from the "week" view into a "month" view in the top left corner of the calendar.

To schedule a post, simply click the day that you want to create the post.

4  Meta Business suite content-planner jpg

Step 3: When you click on the day (or when you click "Create Post" from step 1) this is the page it will take you to.

You can change the day if you want but you can also select the time that the post goes live. You can change this later on as well.

4 5 meta-business-suite-scheduling jpg

Step 4: Welcome to the post creation process. Here is the layout for creating a post. It's pretty straight forward.

The content that you add to the left column will show up as a preview of the post on the right.

5 meta business suite When-you-click-'create-Post' jpg

Step 5: The top left box is a dropdown that allows you to select where you want the post to go. You can connect your instagram account and post to both facebook and instagram at the same time if the content works on both platforms.

Some videos wont' work on both instagram and facebook. Things like video length might prevent you from posting to instagram.

6  meta business suite, choosin your platform channels jpg

Step 6: The next box is the "Media" box so you can choose your photos or your video to add to your post.

7 -Meta-business-suite-adding-media jpg

Step 7: Next you can add your text and hashtags to your post!

8--adding-text-and-hashtags-in-meta-business-suite jpg

Step 8: Finding Hashtags on Meta Business Suite is super easy! Click the hashtag in that text box from the last step and this box appears.

You can search popular hashtags, it saves your recents in that "recent" tab, and you can also save hashtags that you want to use. Moreover, you can save GROUPS of hashtags which is a time saver. You can check the box of the group and it will add all hashtags in that group!

9 2-adding-hashtags-in-meta-business-suite jpg

Step 9: Final step!

If you didn't set your time and date in step 3 then you can do that in this box. You can also change the time and date if you want. Once you set the time, click the schedule button at the bottom of the page and your video is scheduled!

10 -scheduling-your-post-in-meta-business-suite jpg

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