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Do This When Recording Cell Phone Video

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

So you want to make great quality videos but you are recording video with your cell phone? Super easy, barely and inconvenience! Do this and your quality can rival those who are shooting with a video camera!

1. Get Stabilization
2. Figure Out Your Lighting
3. Consider Your Audio
4. Record Talking in 4k 24fps

1. Stabilization

No one wants a shaky video when you are trying to make beautiful content for your business. If you have to be walking get something like the DJI OSMO Mobile 6. Otherwise you can get a cell phone Tripod or Ring Light with a cell phone mount.

This will make it so you don't have to prop your cell phone up on a stack of books to get it stable.

2 Figure Out Your Lighting

Lighting is huge when it comes to making good videos. Luckily, if you get the ring light I mentioned in step one then you can use that as your main light source as well as your stabilization!

If you don't have access or funds to get pretty lights then look toward a window with some natural light coming in. You don't want harsh, direct sunlight hitting you but using that natural light source to light you up is a great solution!

3. Audio

Audio is often overlooked but a crucial piece of this puzzle.

If you have some extra money laying around consider getting a Tascam Dr-10L. This is a beautiful piece of audio recording gear that takes the guesswork out of capturing crystal clear dialog. Just press record and you are good to go! If you go this route then you will have to put the audio and video together in editing though, so keep that in mind!

If you don't wanna go that route, I get it, just make sure to stay near your cell phone. Audio is proximity based. You want to be close to the device that is recording audio so it sounds better. If you are using just your cell phone try not to be on the opposite side of the room.

4. Cell Phone Camera Settings

Now for the camera settings. If you are recording yourself talking then go into your camera settings and set it to 4k 24fps. That is going to give you the best quality for your recording while keeping the file size manageable.

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