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Start Editing With Premiere Pro!

Thursday, December 29, 2022

I know it can be intimidating to start using a new software. Don't worry, I've got your back!

Let's get started with creating your first Premiere Pro Project!

Step 1: Once you have opened Premiere Pro you will be greeted with this screen you simply need to click "New Project" in the top left corner.

1 jpg

Step 2: This step is equally as easy. In the top left corner you can type the name of your project and then to the right of the project name is a dropdown that allows you to select the location where you want to save your project file. Click the "choose a location" at the bottom of the dropdown list. Once you select "choose location" navigate to the folder where you want to save your project and click ok.

Once your project is named and your location is set, Click "Create" in the bottom right.

2 2 jpg

BOOM! You are now in Premiere Pro!

But now what? There is still a lot going on that is confusing.

Step 3: If you look at the picture below I'll give you a brief overview of what you are looking at

Section 1 - Top left - This "Source" window is where you can preview clips before adding them to your timeline. You also have access to "Effect Controls" in this window which allows you to do things like change position, scale, rotation, opacity, and other aspects of your selected assets on the timeline.

Section 2 - top right - "Program" window. This window will show you what your final video will look like. When you add clips to your timeline, this window is where it will play.

Section 3 - Bottom left - "Project" Window. This is where you will import all of your video, audio, graphics etc... You also have access to your effects which includes audio effects and transitions, as well as video effects and transitions.

Section 4 - Bottom Right - "Timeline" window. This is where you will put your videos together. Once you create your first sequence, the look of the timeline window will change and it will add layers for your video and audio files.

In between section 3 (project) and Section 4 (timeline) there is a toolbar that you will use when editing clips on your timeline.

3 jpg

Step 4: Creating your first sequence!

There are 3 ways to create a sequence

As shown below, you can select that icon and click "Sequence"
You can click File>New>Sequence

Or you can press Command + N

4 jpg

Once you select create new sequence you will be presented with this box.

5 jpg

I always go with "Digital SLR 1080p24"

since I shoot on DSLR cameras, I want a 1920x1080 (rectangle) timeline, and want to edit in 24 frames per second.

Once you have selected that, name your sequence in the box at the bottom and click "ok"

Step 5: Editing!

Now that you have created your sequence you can start editing by dropping your clips onto your newly created timeline.

6 jpg

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