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Where To Find Good Music

Thursday, December 29, 2022

So if you have been in the video making world for any length of time then you know you need to license music in order to use it online.

However, if you are new to video creation then this may be news to you. Let me explain.

In order to legally use music in your videos you are required to license it. Luckily there are companies who have done the work of getting music together for you to use.

Bad news, it's not free. 

Sure, there are free resources like youtube's audio library. That being said, I don't recommend using the free stuff. The quality is usually low, the selection is limited, and too many people use it.

What does that mean practically for you? It means you'll be stuck using rough songs that everyone else is using so it lowers your overall quality.

Now, where can you get good music?

Here are my go-to sites: (Keep in mind, there are more options so feel free to explore!)

#5 FyrFly - Pro's - FyrFly has some great music with some top artists like Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, Panic! at the disco, and more... They also have songs with and without vocals

Con's - While They do have a great selection, you have to pay a subscription fee, and then if you want top artists, you have to pay an additional amount per song because the artists are so big. I've also had issue with posting videos with their songs on youtube and companies like Universal Music Group saying I used their licensed music so they put ads on my videos and they get all of the revenue. Not cool. on top of that, they are such a big company, there was no way to dispute that and win.

So, is it worth it? Depends on how you want to use it. If you want to grow a youtube channel for ad revenue, probably not. I used them a lot for wedding videography, I wasn't trying to grow a youtube channel, I was trying to legally make epic videos to impress my clients and it was great for that.

#4 - Pro's - I found artlist a few years ago and it's great. It's Currently $200/year but there are no extra charges. You can download to your hearts content with no extra charges. They do have songs with vocals though so if you want a song with words for a highlight, you could find something on here.

Cons - There aren't going to be big named artists with artlist but lots to choose from. There is also a decent amount of low quality music so you have to go through the crappy songs in order to find the gems.

at $200 yearly, it is a little more expensive than other options. When compared to the #1 pick, it's the same price, but #1 has much more bang for your buck.

#3 Pond 5 - Pro's - I've used Pond 5 on a few projects and the music you can get is really great quality and there is a huge library.

Cons - With those projects I found that It can get expensive if you do pay per song. It says they have songs that start at $5 but for the good songs we found we pay a good bit more than that. The monthly/yearly subscriptions only allow you to download 10 songs per month so if you need more than 10 songs, it gets much more expensive.

#2 SoundStripe - Pro's - I found soundstripe about a year ago and have been thoroughly impressed. They have great music selection with playlists to get you started finding a good fit.

They also have a plug-in for premiere pro so you can search their music without even leaving premiere pro which has been absolutely amazing. I also JUST learned they have an app so you can find good music on your phone on iOS and Android!

They also give you the option to download the stems for music so you can pick a song with words, and download the instrumental version as well.

If that wasn't enough, you can connect to your youtube account so all licensing issues are cleared automatically. No having to dispute licensing issues. If you are making a video for a client, there is a simple code you give them to clear any licensing issues.

Currently you can get a plan for $119-$149 yearly. Not a bad price honestly.

Con's - If you want to use the full functionality (which includes stock video footage) it will cost you $399/year.

#1 Envato Elements: This is my top referral for people needing music.


Pro's - Envato Elements is currently $200/year but that includes SO much.

Sure, you get a huge music selection with user friendly search features.

You also get:

Sound Effects
Stock Video
Stock Photos
Video Templates
Graphic Templates
3D objects
and more!

If you are like me then I am not only making videos. I'm working on my website, creating graphics for social media, and other business owner things so having access to this massive library of assets is outstanding.

They also give you a text license so if you get a license claim on a site then you just copy and paste the license text into the dispute form. I've always had my videos reinstated fully after doing that.

Cons - There are few cons. My main con is that they don't have many songs with vocals. Ton's of options for backing track style music but not really much story driven songs.

For the other cons, they are only cons because i've seen what can be done with Soundstripe's innovation with their platform. There is no plugin for my video editor. They don't connect to my youtube account to automatically clear licensing issues.

Like I said, these Cons only exist because I've seen how they can be solved.

SO, which one should you choose?!

If you are just starting out and want great backing tracks for your videos, go with Envato.

However, if you are wanting more songs with vocals for making highlight style videos, check out SoundStripe.

ultimately, if you are an experienced video creator, there is no problem with having multiple options! I have yearly subscriptions to 4 of these 5 options so I have multiple places to look for great songs!

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