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Choosing Your Editing Software

Thursday, December 29, 2022

I get asked this question all of the time so I knew I wanted to go ahead and address it.

As you probably know, there are tons of editing software choices out there so which one do you choose so you can start?

The go-to's I recommend are iMovie, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Proand Premiere Pro. Why do I recommend those specifically?

iMovie is free if you have a mac, they also have a free iPhone app. This is a good place to start but it's the most limiting of the options.

Why would you need to upgrade past something like iMovie?

iMovie will be perfectly fine for many videos. If you are wanting to just simply have a "talking head" video with some music added in and then something simple like a logo added to the end, iMovie can definitely do that for you.

However, if you see yourself putting out more and more videos and getting more cameras, doing things like multi-camera edits, etc... you might want to start with something a little more robust.

Final Cut Pro is the Big Brother to iMovie. It also only works on Apple so if you don't have a mac you can move onto the next suggestion.

I used Final Cut Pro when I first started out and it was a great editor! Unfortunately they has some camera compatibility issues when I was a user years ago (2010ish) so I had to switch to a different editor.

They also switched over how the software worked so I didn't feel like learning how to use a new software that wouldn't work with my camera at the time anyways.

With all of that being said, the people who use Final Cut nowadays seem to really love it. Final Cut is a one time fee to purchase the software so no subscriptions!

DaVinci Resolve has a free version that many people swear by. I've used it a couple of times and it has a lot of pro tools that you can dive into. This software also has a paid version that is a one-time fee so if you end up loving the free version you can buy the full version and unlock more tools!

One downside about DaVinci is that it isn't as popular so you won't have as many templates/plug-ins to add on if you want to in the future. For instance I went over to Envato Elements and did a simple search for "Mountains" templates and there are 46 pre-made templates for Premiere Pro and only 1 for template for DaVinci.

Premiere Pro is my go-to editor for a while now so I know the pro's and Con's of this software very well. As a professional videographer/editor I use premiere pro for a few reasons.


1- it's widely accepted and used. There are more templates, plug-ins, and support forums because it is used by so many people.

2- It has other software that play well with Premiere Pro. Since this software is made by Adobe, many of the other software they put out tie in seamlessly to Premiere Pro. If I need to do more advanced editing, I can right click a clip and select "edit with Adobe After Effects" and it sends the clip to after effects. Once I finish with the clip I save that project and it automatically updates in premiere pro. Same with software like Adobe Audition, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc...

3 - They have phone apps to edit. If you are a phonographer then this could be a good fit so you could have a pro tool editor on your phone.

4 - You get frequent updates because it is a subscription model. Pay monthly but you stay on the cutting edge of new plug-ins and tools.


1 - subscription model. Currently, you can get just premiere pro for $20.99/month or the adobe creative cloud suite for $54.99 which comes with 20+ apps.

2 - Some bugs. I'm sure all of the software options have some technical bugs just by the nature of it being a software but premiere pro tends to have some because they tend to include features that still need some work. Over the years I've used premiere pro there have been some interesting technical bugs but the pro's tend to outweigh the cons for me.

3 - There can be more of a learning curve than for a software like iMovie but it pays off because you won't ever really need to "upgrade" your editing software. You are starting at the top.

CapCut is a iphone video editor that has gained popularity lately. Many Tik Tok/Instagram reels creators will opt to use this software so if you like creating on your phone, check it out!

Update: Capcut has been growing on me a lot lately and I've even edited full lessons using capcut on my phone!

Because of my experience with premiere pro, that will be what most of my tutorials will use unless someone needs help with another software specifically.

Something I was told years ago by someone I consider a mentor was to not worry as much about your own specific piece of equipment but learning the "language" of the skill.

For instance, when you need to cut a clip you are looking for the "razor" tool, to adjust speed you are could look for "rate stretch". Knowing what your export settings mean so you know what to look for between different software options.

obviously I like Premiere Pro but don't let that stop you from trying one of the other options. Especially if you are just getting started, maybe one of the free options tickles your fancy so you want to get started there.

As always, if you have a question about editing, let me know!!

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