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How To Make Your Videos Stand Out!

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Want to make your videos stand out from your competition?

What is up my entrepreneur friends!?

So I'm hearing that one reason entrepreneurs are procrastinating using video is because they can't figure out how to make a good looking background so I'm here to solve that problem so you can start making some videos!

There are a couple of quick things you can do to make your background better.

1) Blurring the background

If you are using your cell phone that has a "Cinematic" mode then use that to record. It will blur out the background pulling the focus to you and cleaning up the background.

If you are using a DSLR then you could get a lens that's ~$150-$250 depending on what brand camera you have. Go on amazon and type in "nifty fifty" followed by what camera you have. For instance, I go on amazon and type in "Nifty Fifty Sony" and the first result is this lens ( and that lens will have the same effect as cinematic mode on a cell phone.

2) Distance between you and the background.

Don't stand directly in front of your background. You want some distance for a couple reasons. First reason is so the background can be blurred out like in the first tip. If you stand directly in front of the wall then you and the wall will be in focus which isn't appealing. Second is that it can cast Make your videos stand out and look way more professional.

3) Add Some Style To Your Background

If your brand has a style then consider creating an accent wall with relevant items. For instance, If you run a coffee shop then create an accent wall at home with some coffee grinders, relevant posters, or mugs. It will all be blurred out but it will make your background dynamic. If you can't dedicate a wall then try to clean up your room and keep that depth behind you.

4) Lighting.

I can't say this enough. Lighting is important. Lighting will make your videos stand out. Get a simple ring light to help separate you from your background, especially if you can't help but have a window behind you. It will help balance out your shot.

If you get a ring light for your cell phone then you can move all around and try different locations to see what background works best.

Maybe it's in the man cave

maybe it's in the living room

Or maybe it's even outside

Just Make Videos!

Honestly though, don't let not having a perfect background stop you from recording videos. How you tell your stories and your presence on camera matters way more than your background. As you create more and more videos you can work on things like improving your background, don't let your background also become your crutch for not starting!

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