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What Is The
Funnel Video Course?

This is the best place to learn how to create your sales funnel videos. Funnel video breakdowns, script frameworks, and simple editing tutorials to help you get your funnel video created in no time!



Everything there is to know about Funnel Video Creation!

What Works

We'll go over multiple funnel videos from experts like Russell Brunson, Dan Kennedy, Steve Larsen, and many more!

Make More Money

Don't miss out on sales because your video sucks.

Simple Editing

I'll show you the fastest way to edit your funnel videos so you don't waste time with tech.



From the desk of Matt Peet:

I love all things funnels and business videos! I've had the opportunity of working directly with people/businesses like Clickfunnels, John Lee Dumas, Steve Larsen, Podcast Movement, Disney World, and many more!

Your Sales funnel video is the biggest thing above the fold on your funnel, don't let it suck. I want to teach you what to put in your videos so you have confidence in your video!


reverse engineering the best funnel videos on the internet!

What Frameworks and Video Sales Letters (VSL) are the experts using?

The big names like Russell Brunson and Steve Larsen have already worked out what works in their sales funnel videos. They have tested all kinds of things and know what works. Why try to reinvent the wheel when the framework is right there. I'll break down each of their sales funnel videos so you can see exactly how you can structure your videos!


MODULE #2: Editing Crash Course!

Don't waste time editing!

What you need to know about video creation to get your video created fast!

Learning to edit video is one of the best marketing skills you can learn so I'll give you the rundown on how to quickly create your own sales funnel videos! Don't worry, I care about you so much, I'll show you how to do it with free tools on your cell phone or computer!  


That's Not All: You Also Get The "Video Creation Guide"

marketing videos to create for your business!

I'm also going to throw in the Video Creation Guide for FREE

I created this Guide to help entrepreneurs get their gears turning when it comes to video creation. What kind of videos should you make, how should you use them, where should you share them, and how to repurpose them! Not only do you get the PDF but you are also getting the companion course for the PDF!



You will have the confidence in what you are saying, how you are saying it, and the speed to implement it quickly!

I'll even tell you about one sales funnel video that can be a game changer!

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I love Matt Peet like a fat kid loves cake! His group was not only professional, but fun to work with. The final product of the video & audio captured exceeded our expectations! Matt Peet over delivers!


Jared Easley

Co-Founder of Podcast Movement

"I've had the pleasure of working with Matt on multiple occasions and he ALWAYS brings the heat!"


Kate Erickson Dumas

Entrepreneurs On Fire

" I’ve always enjoyed working with Matt Peet. Not only does he produce quality work but his turnaround time is amazing! His Creative Ability to tell a story is above any other videographer I’ve ever worked with."


Donald Kelly

The Sales Evangelist Podcast

I knew nothing about marketing. I spoke with Matt Peet and that was SO helpful. After talking with Matt, Now I have a practical idea of some next steps to take for email marketing, online, social media, in person marketing, literally anything to do with marketing. I learned So much just in an hour of talking with Matt. Now I have some practical next steps to take and I couldn't be more thankful.


Beckham Adams

candle it 


Everything you need to create your killer funnel videos!


Funnel Video Reviews

VALUE: $197


Video Editing
Crash Course

VALUE: $197


Video Creation

VALUE: $97


Video Creation Guide Companion Course

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You got questions? We have answers.

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions

Is it really FREE?

YUP! I won't collect any payment info. I'll grab your email address so I can send you access to the course as soon as you sign up for Clickfunnels!

What if I can't afford video editing software?

Don't worry, I'm going to show you how to edit your funnel videos with free software on both your cell phone and your computer!

Do I need video in my funnels?

Not all funnel types require a main video but that is something you will learn as you start your funnel hacking! Testimonial videos however, are always a good idea! Video Creation is also one of the best marketing skills you can learn.   

Should I learn to edit video?

Absolutely! Video creation is one of the best marketing skill you can learn! I tell people that unless you can afford a full time video creator then you should learn to do at least the basics on your own!